Work from Home- A Rising Star In a New Era

More and More people are being drawn to a career online. even the mainstream workforce is catching up with this demand and there are more and more work from home options offered at various companies. Speaking to different people you will get varying opinions as to why they chose to work from home, some do it for the convenience, others because they cant realistically be gone from their home all day due to one reason or the other etc. whatever the reason, working from home has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity and i can only speculate this trend will continue in its current direction.

For the entrepreneur not looking for a regular 8-5 gig, working from home is the perfect fit. there are various ways and methods to earn significant income monthly with nothing but your will to succeed, a little guidance(or a lot) and your computer. Millions of entrepreneurs have embraced opportunities like affiliate marketing, e commerce, trading/stocks, product development, online coaching etc. Feel free to read my posts on some of these individual programs if you are interested in any of them. For more ideas on internet based business read this post

For our friends that are not computer savvy, but still want to enjoy the pleasure of setting your own hours, there are lots of opportunities out there as well. Most of these jobs can be done from the comfort of your home or at your own pace and time. If you fall in this category then i recommend you research jobs like Uber, Lyft, customer support, sales, overnight call routers etc. While the income here might not be as life changing as working as an entrepreneur, you still get the satisfaction of earning an income at your own pace and you will have the shortest commute there is in the workforce :). For healthcare professionals like myself there are various work from home opportunities out there. They are typically called “tele-commute” positions, if you are interested, look into insurance case management, legal nurse consultant etc. Vickie Milazzo offers a legal nurse career advancement course, which is a little bit on the high side. if interested i recommend you first consult your local colleges, some of them might have the program as well.

Now, there is this false idea that working from home is “easy” and you are being paid for essentially doing nothing. If that’s your goal then i am sorry to disappoint. while working from home might be convenient, lets not forget the “working” part. you will need to pull your weight and take it as serious as you would any job. Some people actually have the ritual of getting dressed like they are off to work even though their commute is from the bedroom to their work desk, room etc for these folks, they are preparing their mind for the day and reminding themselves that this is a real job, and the fact that you are doing it from the comfort of your home does not make it anything less. The point here is what my dad always tells me ..if you’re gonna do something, then you better do it right. Your efforts in life will determine your results.

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