Cash With Matt Review: SCAM OR REAL!!

I have to state that i have not personally tried this program so my opinions here are based on research and not personal experience.

This program has been around for quite  a while and i have received promotional emails in my inbox from at least five different affiliates so i decided to look into it.

Cash with Matt: the title alone prompts the question..”Who is Matt”

In my research i found that though they do not mention it on their sales page

the Matt in question is internet millionaire Matt Lloyd of Mobe.

What i dont understand is why keep this a secret, why not tell the public who they will be working with. I have not had any personal dealings with Matt or Mobe so i really cant say with any certainty why this was kept a secret.

The cash with Matt Program claims to offer the following.

  • Personal Success coach
  • A sales team to help you sell and generate revenue, they however fail to mention what is being sold. Their reason: Its proprietary information only for members.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • $500 guaranteed payout if you follow their simple 21 steps and not make any money
  • $37 sign up fee

Personally i think they make quite a lot of claims, i am however not sure how much they can back up these claims

Mobe has been known for high ticket items and notorious for up-sells, however Cash with Matt fails to explicitly mention a connection with Mobe.  it is my opinion that this Program is somehow related to Mobe or a front end sell into  Mobe.

Again i have nothing against the company,just against the fact that they chose to keep there connection here  a secret. You can decide what you chose to make out of this.


At first this seemed really scammy but at this point am not so sure any more. if they truly offer the guarantees they promise on their sales page then maybe this might be worth giving a shot. I however do not feel like experimenting with my $37 but feel free to do so if you wish and if you do please come back and leave a comment here on your experience to help guide others in their decision making.

You can check out their sales page here and see what you think.