Discover The Power Of Smart Email Traffic (Solo Ads)

Have you ever wondered what happens when you purchase solo ads/email traffic? traditionally when you purchase solo ads, the provide emails your offer to his list of subscribers who have at some point shown interest in making money online or internet marketing. This is very targeted traffic and as such solo ads provide the best opportunity for internet marketers to make sales and grow their business. However, there are several ways to make money online; the guy interested in crypto might not be too interested in checking out your new cool Ecom product…he might click through to your product page out of curiosity but his main interest is in cryptocurrencies and your chances of selling this super duper cool Ecom software is very slim.

This presents a clear problem and an opportunity for improvement, this is where smart-clicks comes in. I decided to start segmenting my leads into the big interests areas such as Ecom, Crypto, MMO/Biz Op. These leads present the most targeted option available in solo ads. Granted, interests change and someone crazy about crypto today may lose so much money tomorrow and decide to abandon ship, to fix this i am constantly qualifying new subscribers every single day and adding them to the appropriate segments. We all know that traffic is the lifeline of any business, targeted traffic, however, is the one ingredient that can take your business to the next level.

When you purchase our traffic, your offer gets sent to the particular segment on my list that’s related to your offer. Depending on order size and how many other people are requesting that particular segment, i may not be able to generate enough clicks from that segment alone, in that case, your offer will then be mailed to my entire list on average 40-100% of your clicks will come from the list segment most appropriate for your offer. I truly hope you understand and appreciate the power in this kind of traffic. Check out my smart-clicks today and find out what the right kind of traffic can do for your business.

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