Perseverance- Patience is a Virtue.

Almost everyone in the make money online industry  understands that this can be a very lucrative niche to be in, however what very few care to understand is that it take time and dedication. I cant even begin to count how many people  i have ran into that always always complain about how “Its not working” “its taking too long” etc. Nothing good ever comes easy. When these individuals look at the heavy hitters out there in the industry, they admire what they have and wish they were  7 figure earners as well. They unfortunately fail to admire or desire the work ethic, dedication, creativity that these individual possess.

what ends up happening is people start throwing the word “SPAM” around, most times without even fully understanding its meaning. Just because something doesn’t work for you does not make it a SPAM. Unfortunately  we like to blame others for our actions or lack of it; the undeniable truth here is if you must succeed online, then you NEED to step up and put in the work required for the success you so desire

If you are in this industry and it seems like you are not making any headway ask yourself a couple questions first

  • Are you solving a problem or marketing something people NEED?
  • Are you learning from people who have the success you wish to see?
  • Are you applying what they teach? are you coach able?
  • Are you putting in the required time and effort?

if you can answer yes to all 4 questions then you my friend are on the right track and its now only a matter of time before you see i say to you hang in there buddy..success is just right around the corner. The worst thing you can do right now is giving up.


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