You wont Believe what you have to do to get paid!!

So i was browsing around the internet and came across this interesting article. I was quite surprised and amused at the same Maybe this has been around for a long time now, guess  am just catching on. So what was the content of this article that had me surprised?

The article talks about getting paid for watching TV and listening to music.Yup you heard me right!

Now this is no 6-figure income earner not even close, but hey you still make a little something from basically doing nothing. So if  this sounds like something you might be interested in, Check Out The article below



Yes, you can actually get paid for watching TV and videos… and all from the comfort of your home, via your TV or mobile phone.

Or, if music is more your thing, you can do that, too. But how? Check out the below for tips on a few of the top ways you can start earning money today, either part- or full-time. After all, we could all use some extra cash, right?

1. Binge-Watch Netflix Shows

Sometimes, Netflix hires “taggers,” i.e., someone (like you!) who watches TV shows and movies and then “tags” them, from a general “sports comedy” category to something more specific, like “Raunchy TV Comedy Featuring a Strong Female Lead.”

So, when someone searches for something to watch, they can look up key words and find just the genre they want. And… the tagger can work from home! From the couch, from their bed, basically, wherever they’d like (as long as they have a Netflix connection, of course).

Naturally, these jobs probably don’t pop up often, but you can check out Netflix’s job openings now and then. You never know.

2. Watch Cooking Shows

Yes, now your hobby of watching cooking shows can turn into an actual, paid job. We’ve talked about Swagbucks before, but not about earning money from watching shows about food. Yum.

Don’t blame us if it makes you hungry, though.

3. Watch Videos And Television Shows

Via, you earn points, and enough points get you gift cards, including for places such as Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. It takes a thousand points to get to one dollar, but it wasn’t clear how much viewing equates to how many points. But it’s worth a try, right?

4. Watch TV Commercials

I know—many of us fast-forward through commercials these days. But, if you’re paid to watch them, I bet you’d put down your remote. Several companies need people to review commercials… and get paid for it.

CNET and HitBliss are just a few, and with the latter, you earn a cash balance that you can then spend in the online HitBliss Store. And if you Google “get paid to watch commercials,” you’ll discover even more companies who need you. So go find your future employer today!

5. Listen To Music

Yep, instead of TV shows or commercials, with this job, you can listen… to music… and GET PAID. Via Music Xray, you get emailed music to listen to.

Some, you’ll like, some you’ll love, others, you won’t. If you’re not into a certain song, you can skip it after 30 seconds—and still be paid! A win-win!

You can find even more ways to earn money by watching TV here, courtesy of The Penny Hoarder’s ideas, and more ways to make money here, at MoneyMakingMommy.

please if you try these out, come back and let us know how it went.

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