Digital Founders Academy (DFA) SCAM OR LEGIT

This is a fairly new make money online program out there so you probably haven’t heard of it yet.

The first thing i noticed while researching this company is a lot of people online are showing income proofs and pictures from their back office with DFA. There seemed to be a sense of trust right off the bat in my research, but i dug in deeper and checked out their sales page to find out exactly what you have to do to earn the  income they promise.

The sales page didnt say exactly how the system makes you money, which is not surprising, most programs keep the details from the public, just a way to create curiosity and encourage sales. Based on my research and reading other people’s testimonials,i discovered that DFA is a done for you marketing system and all you are required to do is to give away free trials to individuals, and you get paid commissions when they sign up for the free trials.

This reminds me of  a program called ZNZ where you get paid when people complete free trials.  I actually did make a decent change working with znz by just giving away free trials, so am familiar with this business strategy. The idea behind it being that some of these free trials will convert to paid subscriptions. You the affiliate, however, get paid regardless of whether the trial converts or not. DFA however seems to be more advanced and more lucrative from what i have seen out there. I, however, do not know what these trials are and who your ideal prospect would be to give away the trials. They claim to provide you with a simple done for you system that you just have to plug n play.

The one factor that really got me interested in DHF is they offer a 7 day FREE trial.  Thats not very common in this industry for a program like this. You get to test the system for 7 days and pay nothing if you dont like it. This i believe will attract a lot of people, i however do caution that you stay on top of the process and make sure you do not get charged before the end of the trial. As always i welcome any personal experiences anyone might be willing to share. just drop a comment below.

To see their sales page and decide if this is for you click here.

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