We are happy to announce that after years of training and practice with Facebook advertisements, we have finally decided to put that expertise in use to help local businesses grow and reach more customers. This is by no means a small task, however its one we are confident we can accomplish!!


PM-Marketing is our social media advertising agency with emphasis on Facebook and Instagram campaigns. We are currently working on the site set up and design. In the meantime if you or someone you know could use a boost in clientele kindly send them our way by emailing admin@pmmarketingagency.com. We are currently looking for 5 case studies to work with for free in exchange of testimonials to help our business. So the deal is quite simple, we offer our full services to you for free and if you like your results we only ask for a testimonial to spread the word. All you have to do is pay Facebook for the advertising costs. PM-marketing is not affiliated with Facebook in any way and does not get any percentage of your ad-spend. we are an independent advertising agency. All monies paid to Facebook is paid exclusively to Facebook.


Services Provided Include:

  • Assist client in setting up Facebook Pages. The client remains responsible for the day to day management of their pages
  • Create eye catching highly targeted Facebook Advertising campaigns
  • Design, and host responsive and high converting marketing funnels
  • Deliver quality leads directly to you either via text or email for follow up with clients that need a little bit more convincing
  • Run effective Re-targeting ads and 30 day follow up campaigns to gently persuade your leads to finally walk through your doors.
  • And so much more!


If you are already a client you can find on-boarding  instructions here!