Affiliate Marketing 

Everyday there are lots of people out there looking to buy one thing or another. To reach more customers, companies “recruit” other individuals or entities to help them make more sales.  They then compensate these individuals with a percentage of each sale they make. These individuals or entities are called affiliates and this is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative if  done right. This article  is aimed at explaining how this business model works and hopefully give you enough actionable information to get started if you so desire.

To run an effective affiliate marketing business you need: A product to promote, Traffic source(customers/prospects),marketing system in place.Affiliate marketing can be used in various settings and industries. However, we will be focusing our attention on the make money online/network marketing industry.


Finding the right product.

There are several MMO offers out the internet is saturated with thousands of them  that it is very difficult to sort through the noise and find something worth your time. In your search for a product to promote, , you need to ask yourself if you will buy the product if it was presented to you. Also you need something that solves some kind of problem and not just empty promises. This will greatly increase your chances of making sales and staying relevant to your buyers. There are several networks out there that offers various products to promote, and i have a few listed below.


Clickbank. This has a wide range of products  in various niches including MMO, self improvement, music etc.

Cashnetwork. More quality products here. However this network is by invitation only

Clickpromise: Multi faceted network, services include affilate products, email marketing, list generation etc.

Commison Junction: Yet another affiliate network, products mostly in e commerce and MMO



Think about the most successful business you know of. Apple comes to mind in this regard.  Even though apple has great products, they will not be in business if they did  not have customers and individuals hungry to buy those products. Every business needs a constant stream  of customers (traffic) seeing their product every single day. This  is also applicable to your affiliate marketing businesas. You might have the best affiliate offers out there, but if you do not get people to your affiliate page everyday you will not make any sale.

That being said there are several traffic sources out there in the MMO industry and have listed a few below.


Solo Ads:

This can be seen as on demand traffic. You simply contact  a vendor, pay for the traffic and he/she emails his list with your offer and you receive the agreed number of “clicks” to your offer page. Its important to note that the only thing guaranteed in this transaction is clicks, not opt-ins or sales.


These social media platforms can be a source of paid and free traffic sources.


You can create campaigns on these sites and target specific keywords. Users searching for items related to your keywords get to see your ad and possibly click through to your site.

There are a lot more traffic sources out there. I have an article here where i talk about some traffic sources you might not have heard of.

 Marketing System:

Okay, so now you have the perfect offer, and you have secured your traffic sources, now all that you have left is to connect the dots. You need a system to be able to direct your visitors(traffic) to your offers and then follow up with them. There are several ways to do this however i recommend you send your traffic to a squeeze page where you collect the email/information of your visitors so you can follow up with them, then redirect them from there to your offer.

This is important because, most buyers will need to be exposed to your offer 6-7 times before they make a decision to buy. To be able to do this, then you need a landing page and an email marketing software to enable you capture data and follow up with your prospects.

Here are the tools I use and recommend.

Optimizepress. Create Stunning  pages and membership sites

Captifire: Create amazing pages, no membership site function

Getresponse: Email marketing software. Automatically follow up with your prospects


So there you have it, Affiliate marketing in a nut-shell. Feel free to research more on this topic and make sure you have all the information you need before you jump into affiliate marketing. You can make a lot of money here but you can also lose money if not done properly. In this business model, the only people guaranteed to make money are the owners of the products you are promoting and the traffic vendor providing the traffic.

Fortunately affiliate marketing is not the only way to generate income online. There are several other income streams out there like e-commerce, trading, MLM etc. Whatever you chose to do,  give it 110%, be patient and dont you dare give up…Success will come!